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Go Mega! When all is said and done, will you have grown at the end of 2017? Jus…

Go Mega! When all is said and done, will you have grown at the end of 2017?
Just a quick reminder to keep your vision for this year firmly in front of you.
Here’s a quick check list.
Have you Set and Progressed any MEGA goals?
Have you deepened any relationships?
Have you learnt new lessons?
Have you upgraded any thing in your life or business this year?

Have you expanded your network?
Have you improved your financial bottom line? Have you settled any old bills?
Completed old projects that clog your thoughts?
Have you started a property/project savings account?
Have you read any new books? Have you enrolled in any new masterclass to help you in an area of weakness or strengthen an area of growth.
Have you joined an accountability circle? Do you have people who hold you accountable?
Have you been recording your progress in a victory journal weekly, monthly, quarterly, or daily? What doesn’t get measured and celebrated doesn’t grow.
Go Mega in 2017 or stay stuck. The options aren’t many. I know you’ll do the right thing. Take daily consistent steps towards a desired future of greatness. You have what it takes to #GoMega . I pray for you that you will be strengthened in your innermost man. That your eyes will see new opportunities. That your heart will embrace fresh confidence. And that you’ll expect and receive great news as you move boldly. See you at the top. UMO©2017 #faithtogomega #faithchronicleswithudo🙏 #lifebydesign #vision #godfidence