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Make up is good. But it won’t make up for the emptiness in your soul when you ha…

Make up is good. But it won’t make up for the emptiness in your soul when you haven’t found that clarity of purpose, when you haven’t connected with your deepest and highest self, when you haven’t given yourself permission to live fully, confidently and powerfully moving in the direction of your most dominant dreams and vision.
Make up is great but it won’t bring out the light that the world is waiting to receive from you. That light only comes when you are willing, ready and able to step out, speak out, stand up, stand out, releasing and delivering your very best work, whether it be singing, writing, creating businesses, teaching, dancing, policy making, or enabling others find their songs.
Make up my dear friend is great, but the best make up is the make up of your internal vision- ? Are you propelled by your vision or led by your fears? Nothing will mask the emptiness of a life without clear vision.
To find clarity:
1. Get still. Discover who you truly are. What lights you up. What makes you Radiant? Pay attention more to your magical moments.
2. Stop comparing. Stop it today. Decide today- you’ll never scroll through anyone’s page looking for your missing self. Be inspired but never intimated by anyone’s accomplishment.
3. Ask for help. Get a Coach. A mentor. A counsellor.
4. Refuse to settle. Daily, step out and be your best self. Refuse to settle for a diluted version of life. See where it takes you. It’ll lead you to your best self.
5. Focus on Be-ING before Do-ING or HavING.
The quest for more things – ah the curse of doing more, having more before BEing more will lead you to keep making up- the numbers, the stories, the accolades, etc… it’s a never ending unfulfilling pursuit. First BE! Then you’ll not need any make up. (Or at least not as much😀… )..
I hope this makes sense. #nitenotesbyudo #lifebydesign #myrarelife #rarebyudo #lifeconversationswithudo

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  1. AJ Ak'Lyod
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    Love your thought, always👍

  2. Omotunde Ajai George
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    Yes makes lots of senses and thanks for awakening the sleeping giants

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  4. John Nwosu
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    Good points to note

  5. Pedeino Mathias
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    It makes absolute sense. Thanks.