Two friends heading out into town, saw a lame man who asked for help. They told him, we can’t help you with silver or gold. We can’t give you a job, or connect you to the high profile people in the city, but what we have, we will give to you.
They then took him by the hand, forcefully pulled him up, commanding him to rise up and walk and take charge of his destiny.
Immediately the lame man started walking, and leaping and giving thanks. Ironically, those in authority had wanted to arrest these two men because of what they had done, but they spoke boldly when accused. Ultimately, because of their results, and the clear impact of their action, they could do nothing about their threat. The authority said:

What shall we do to these men? For the fact that a “Phenomenon” has happened is apparent to all, and we cannot deny it“.

Their results were undeniable. The man who could not walk for 40 years was now walking.  Everyone could see. The facts spoke for themselves!

As we start a new week and approach the end of the month, instead of worrying or grumbling, why not take responsibility and ask yourself, what will my results be at the end of the week or month? Will they be obvious for all to see? Will they be undeniable? Now is a great time to review your goals  and consider these questions.

– If you are bidding for a new contract, or a new role, are you so good that you can’t be ignored? Are you providing compelling value?

– If people are being laid off, or there is a budget cut in your company or industry, are you really good enough to be protected or unaffected?

– If your industry changes dramatically today, and your current business or role became redundant, do you have enough antecedents, or results to position you for new opportunities?

These are the questions, constantly asked at my company Fine and Country, and we like to challenge ourselves with the same words for the FC champions as well as for the company – “become so good that no one can ignore you”. Let your results speak and make sure you don’t get complacent.
We also challenge ourselves with this quote: “what does not get measured doesn’t get done.” Your results should be so undeniable that there should be no confusion or ambiguity as to whether you delivered. That’s the only way for true champions.

At the end of the day, there is no ambiguity which country is currently housing that coveted world cup. (You can tell I’m passionate about winners-lol).

To our Government: LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE.
Let your light so shine before men and women today, that they will see your “good works”.
I believe that good works are results. We would all be more relevant if we became people with results. Our government does not need to give us handouts or contracts. We don’t need to be connected to any one in office to make progress.
Let government provide good infrastructure, and enabling policies for businesses to thrive. Let them provide security of lives and property and guarantee every citizen their basic human need and rights. These results will speak for themselves. There will be no need for the white washing, called PR. There will be no need to for those pages and pages of newspaper ads touting their good works, attempting to shape opinion. Let our light shine in Nigeria, starting with Electricity. At least that’s obvious light.
(Wouldn’t it be phenomenal for the Chibok girls to be released and for our sense of security to actually be improved?) I think it would.

FINALLY: What do you have to give?
Those two men did say something: silver and gold we don’t have, but what we have, we give unto you….

– You may not have everything, but what you have is enough to change someone’s life this week. You have enough to produce better results this week.

– You many not have much, but using your voice could cause change in your company or business community. Why not become the voice for excellence and leadership in your company? Why not become a standard for others in your industry?

– You may not have much, but stepping out and taking responsibility for your personal goals, and contributing positively to your corporate and nation’s goals this week could lead to results that can’t be denied.

To your success.
Be Phenomenal this week ahead.

Udo Okonjo
Investor in People. Property. Possibilities.

P.S. The recently released book Shining Statues by Mrs. Nkoyo Rapu, is a valuable resource for more practical tips on being phenomenal or a shining statue as she so aptly describes it. Here are a few pictures from the book signing at Laterna Bookstore last week Friday.

Book Signing at Laterna Venture.  Book: Shining Statues
Author Nkoyo Rapu holding a copy of her book Shining Statues, with a friend and her husband estactic!.

Prior to that I was at Breakfast Gold, a Real Estate Leaders’ Network forum curated and hosted at Fine and Country as a way of elevating standards in our sector. Theme was: Collaborating for Success. Top leaders in our industry attended and made it a success. We will all jointly move it forward as collaborators in progress. See photos here.

I personally believe “Phenomenal” should be our minimum standard in life, as in business and government. What do you think?

(Please share your thoughts with me. And thanks again for the overwhelmingly positive feedback and contributions I have been receiving from all Ignited readers. May God bless you richly. I also encourage you to use your own unique voice beyond work.)