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QUIT WAITING! Never wait for the perfect environment to plant your dreams. You’v…

QUIT WAITING! Never wait for the perfect environment to plant your dreams. You’ve got to plant in the midst of adverse conditions. Turbulence is an important sign of great horizons ahead. You don’t have the luxury of waiting for perfection. The change you seek must be triggered today. Never be driven by your problems. Instead determine to be propelled by purpose, driven by your greatest dreams.
Your desire to build anything should never be about fame or money or accolades. Your highest responsibility and privilege is the calling, the ability to make a difference, to cause change, to bring about transformation in society, elevate mindsets, lives- ah what an honour, that a different outcome was made possible because you took action. What a blessing that your dreams, that passing thought, duly captured and executed could make a difference in a life, solve a problem, bring joy, meaning, understanding – what an awesome and incredible sense of fulfilment to refuse to be bound by the limitations of your circumstances but to rise above the noise, the excuses, the challenges and soar into territories reserved for those who dare against all odds. Truth my friends is that – he who dares- wins. He who dares when the wind is contrary wins even bigger and deeper.

Will you dare today to take new territory? Irrespective of what’s against you? Remember that big dreams left undone become life’s biggest regrets.
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  1. Steven Chigozie Ifejianyi
    Steven Chigozie Ifejianyi at |

    Thank you ma’am, I just read a bit of your profile and realized you are a real estate practitioner. I am too! I have adopted you as my mentor. God bless you for your write ups.

  2. Ifeyinwa Ijeh Solomon
    Ifeyinwa Ijeh Solomon at |

    Life changing Maa’m, Love you always.

  3. Ubong Del Stefano Ekperikpe
    Ubong Del Stefano Ekperikpe at |

    Thank you ma for this.

  4. Isreal Udofia
    Isreal Udofia at |

    Great thought here, so inspiring.

  5. Ajike Olua
    Ajike Olua at |

    Thought provoking words!

  6. Akonjom Ebonom
    Akonjom Ebonom at |

    Nice one here

  7. Emmanuel Sunday
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    Nice piece