Go Mega was an investment well spent for Majestically Rare Events. The delivery from Udo the Igniter, the ambience, the guest speakers, the gifts, the hospitality and the networking made this event, a great day well spent. As an entrepreneur, I have all the tools to take my business to the next level and tighten my game. I can already see myself achieving those Mega goals.

Anyone who wants to achieve Mega goals in 2016 should attend. You won’t regret it.

The workbook and questions were definitely the most valuable for me. I had already done a mini sketch of my goals for 2016 so the Go Mega has tightened it and made me think more out of the box . I like  how you set the tone about the spirit of familiarity especially as I had read a lot in the past on goal setting and smart goals. It was nothing like that. I also liked the real life case study given by Bukky George, MD Health Plus which again highlighted the possibilities of what was already discussed previously by you and in the workbook. The workbook is a tool that I will be referring to monthly to ensure that I am achieving my goals and taking action.

What I’m going to do differently as a result of the learning is become more vigorous with my to do list. I will ensure that I have a daily to do list and not carry things forward. I will find myself an accountability partner because that will push me on to achieve my goals. I am going to be more deliberate in watching my words and only speak positive of what concerns my business and my goals.

I will continue to invest in training like this because it’s worth the investment and look for opportunities to network and join a few networking groups. I will also go out on Monday and buy all the books mentioned on the reading list. I too believe that reading books has added to my recent growth.

I have a big task ahead of me this year but I know that if I am deliberate, focused and dedicated, I believe I will make 2016 my best year for business growth.

Rita Okoye, MD, Majestically Rare Events & Marketing

Thanks a million for the go mega workshop.  It’s really been transformative. It’s really a new me now.
Setting a business goal has prompted me to set up departments and definitive targets for my staff.
Yesterday was our 1st department meeting and all the contributions from the team’s was amazing. Last week everybody was busy and had focus and directions.
I have started reading and the practical  tips are absolutely mind blowing.
We are putting together  documents;  profile,  vision statement and mission statements.
NCJN (Senior Executive, Multinational)

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