Toyin Bakare, Group MD SAS Textiles
It was the last day of 2015 and here I was at a Nononsense goal setting session with 8 other executive business tycoons. For me, it was very insightful and reflective and I was able to harness the power of Visualisation. I was also able to reflect on the achievements of 2015 and realise that, we all need to be more thankful and stop being too hard on ourselves.
Now it was time to set our goals and the power of writing them down with a pen because the very act of writing helps you to meditate on them and Review from time to time.
I am also learning to take advantage of the opportunities around me and move into Action
Finally I learnt that one of the reasons we don’t set goals is because we are afraid to. So to all who are yet to sign up for the next session. Fear Not, you need positive and energetic people around you, people to whom you can be accountable to.
It’s time to Take Responsibility for your life ,and your happiness.
It was well worth it. I would do it over and over again.
I remember getting back to my office that day and was so full of energy and life. I was so excited about the whole session.

Dr. Tunji Olagunju, Architect/MD Tenfold Design & Construction
What was your biggest learning; what was most valuable aspect for you in the workshop?
My biggest learning was the ability to reflect on my past results and sieve through to extract the good and bad, and narrow down to lessons learnt. Also being reminded that what I value is what I would focus on. To take responsibility for my happiness and approach all things with boldness, wisdom and purpose.
The most valuable aspect proved to be the setting of Bold, hairy and audacious goals in a group setting with no holds barred and honest explicit dissection of issues limiting our goals. Also learning to become more specific, focused and conscious.
What are you going to do differently or better as a result of the learning?

As a result of this learning I will be bolder, more courageous and go into 2016 with the right mindset and tools. I will procrastinate less and specifically be more social media savvy, more aware of my income and expenditure and focus on my best customer base. “Being meaningfully specific as opposed to my previous wandering generality.”

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