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Thank you Lord for an outstanding opportunity to take the best of Nigeria 🇳🇬 to …

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Thank you Lord for an outstanding opportunity to take the best of Nigeria 🇳🇬 to the World. The word that resonated in my spirit through the last two days of hosting the Refined Investor Series (Diaspora & International Edition) was: ‘Truly the earth is the Lord’s.’ As far as our eyes can see has He given us authority over. No reason to limit yourself, your dreams, your vision, your impact to your immediate environment. The world awaits the release of your greatness. Nigerians everywhere are doing great things, representing us proudly, standing out for great things. ‘Whoever wrote that memo that we are a nation of corrupt people – wrote a hate mail.’ Yes, there is corruption, it is deep seated and systemic, but that’s not who we are.
We are a dignified people, confident, competent, willing and committed to put in the hard work wherever we are. We are brilliant, resilient, strategic and eternally blessed with an incredible sense of humour. The brand “Nigeria” is being re-written even now, by men and women who understand that we can no longer seat on the side lines and wait for the world or indeed our leaders to write our stories. We must and have decided to take responsibility for our patch of land, the territory we’ve been given, and we will not relent until we build the walls of excellence over mediocrity and nepotism, visionary leadership over bigotry and myopia, good governance over personal ambition, and true justice for all. We won’t seat on the side lines and wait anymore. We are the Nigeria we want to see, have and become. And today as Nigeria arises from the ashes of failed leadership, past and present, I urge you too to arise and take your place. The future is bright because of you and I! Nigeria’s most sustainable and profitable resource is you! (Woke up with these thoughts on my spirit- an excerpt of various messages shared at the recently concluded Refined Investor Series 2017 held in London at the Landmark Hotel, London. So proud of the incredible quality of professionals and entrepreneurs we hosted). Thank you London! #mygratitudejournal2017 #buildingthefutureofrealestateinnigeria #nigeriandiaspora #nigeriansinuk @fineandcountrywa @businessdayng