IT’S MEGA MARCH. LET’S MAKE A BOLD MOVE! The month of March is an opportunity for us to make bold moves, especially as we begin to hear of the potential for growth in the economy no matter how modest. Refuse to focus on the negative this month, instead be deliberate about what you do. Here
Join me in an hour when I’ll be exploring with you why it’s important to ‘MOVE BY DESIGN’ this March. You can’t afford to miss it! #setyouralarm IT’S #SHOWTIME
I’m excited to have you join me tomorrow at 6 pm when I explore with you why it’s important to ‘MOVE BY DESIGN’ this March. It’s time to take the right action; to step out your comfort zone and reach for the stars!!! It’s #showtime friends!!! Let’s take the stage together. Lights! Camera! ACTION 🎬

Emmanuel Bulus

Emmanuel Bulus Fan of the week is… Emmanuel Bulus!
You Do Not Have, Because You Do Not Ask”~James 4:2 Those who know how to ask will see amazing things happen. This is a very potent key that many people fail to use. Start your asking on your knees daily. Ask. Seek. Knock! That’s a power tool for making things happen in the natural. PRACTICE
Don’t wait to pray. But -when life knocks you on your knees, you’re in a perfect position to pray. A friend/protege asked me recently, if I ever have fears and after thinking about it, I said not really, not anymore. But upon further reflection, I realised and shared that it’s not that I don’t have
The second month of the year is almost at an end but you can still decide to make it even more fulfilling. You must continue to stay committed to igniting a “Favour and Faith-filled Fantastic F.E.B.R.U.A.R.Y” Here are 8 ways to get you supercharged, ignite faith and favour and end February on a high note: