" Unlock and Unleash the most Purposeful, Profitable and Powerful version of Your Business . No matter how well, you've done, there's always room for growth. There's always a next level "


Are You Ready?


- Do you want to make 2019 your best business year ever?

- Are you satisfied with your current business results?

- Are you happy with your profit level?

- Does your business stand out or are you invisible and dispensable?

- Are you tired of running your Life and Business on near empty or just enough?

- Have you been in business for sometime and can't seem to get past a certain Revenue, Profit and Profile level?

- Are you feeling unfulfilled and need a stronger sense of clarity and confidence?

- Are you operating in a crowded market sector or segment?

- Are you struggling to maintain focus, motivation or momentum?

- Are You Ready to Transform and Reinvent Yourself and your business?

- Are You Ready to Learn Cutting Edge Business Strategies that Cut Out the Fluff and Deliver Tangible Results?

- Are You Ready to Learn From the Absolute Best and Trusted Business Leaders?

- Are You Ready to Mastermind Your Business Growth ideas or new projects with those with Measurable and Sustained Track Record?

- Are You Ready to Be on Purpose, Become More Prominent and Achieve Greater Profits?

- Are You Truly Ready to GO MEGA in 2019?

If you answered Yes to any of the above-
I would like to invite you to register for the Go Mega Business Mastery.
I invite you to make this your year of

- Personal Transformation.
- Business Reinvention.
- Profitable Growth.




There's a mindset that got you to the level you currently operate at. There's a mindset that will take you into the next level that you desire. What got you to the 10 millionaire level won't get you to the 100 millionaire or the billionaire sphere. You NEED NEW TRANSFORMATIVE THINKING! When you get the Go Mega mindset- things change dramatically if you commit to the process.


There's a massive disruption going on in the world.
New brands, new businesses, new tycoons, and new leaders will emerge in this new economic order. Old Elephants will be dislodged and new Giants will emerge in every Economy, every market sector and segment.
Will it be you? Or will you become part of the statistics?


To gain practical real life support to Go Mega in 2018 and make it your year of transformation, you'll get an invitation to join the GO MEGA BUSINESS MASTERY CIRCLE. *** Terms and Conditions Apply.




Your fee covers work materials and a full day group Business Mastery session with Udo Okonjo reviewing your business.
A 2nd day masterminding with a team.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer any sort of additional discount.
The full value of this master session is $5000. It’s already heavily discounted when weighed against the value.

If for any reason you are unable to attend, as long as we have notice 1 week before the session, you can transfer the payment to the next available session.
You may also be able to schedule a maximum of 2 one hour Skype sessions to make up.

Yes you will in Class and online. However, registration for this series does not guarantee an all time access as she’s also a full time business person who does this for the passion and commitment to teaching.
Discretion is therefore advised in managing your expectations. You will however have full access to a professional personnel who will assist you with all enquiries.

If I have any further enquiries- who should I contact? Please contact Osei on 08096000049


Referred to widely as an astute real estate investor and trusted advisor to the top 1%, Udo Okonjo has had extensive experience negotiating and advising on multi-million dollar real estate transactions on behalf of clients, including Multinationals, Listed Corporates, Privately Held companies and High Net-worth Clientele.

Udo is very passionate about real estate as a means of wealth creation and nation building and is convener of the annual Refined Investor Series to provide an accurate roadmap and insight on the Nigerian real estate market.
Under her leadership, the West African office of Fine and Country a global network of real estate professionals and entrepreneurs has leaped to the top in the provision of cutting edge Real Estate services to leading real estate developers and institutional clients, with multiple local and international awards received over the years.

She is an alumni of the Said Business School, Oxford Real Estate Programme, the Oxford University High Performance Leadership Programme and the Judge Business School, Cambridge University where she completed an executive management certificate focused on  Complex Negotiations, Ethics, Strategic Marketing and Branding over the course of 2 years.

Udo was admitted to the Nigerian Bar Association and New York Bar in 1991 and 1994 respectively and pursued a successful legal career for more than a decade, in addition to having acted as Senior Special Adviser on Legal and Constitutional Matters to the President of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and being Partner at a leading local law firm, Templars Barristers & Solicitors.

Having emerged best graduating female student at the Nigerian Law School, in 1991, she was awarded the prestigious British Chevening Scholarship to study at the University of London, Kings College School of Law, where she graduated with a Masters degree in Law (LLM) specializing in Corporate and Commercial Law. 

  She also earned a certificate in Effective Real Estate Marketing from the National University of Singapore in conjunction with the Dubai Real Estate Institute amongst several real estate and executive courses at the Lagos Business School, Pan Atlantic University.

Udo Maryanne Okonjo, a distinguished Chevening Scholar and member of the Oxford Real Estate Society is currently the Chief Executive Officer/Vice Chairman of Fine and Country West Africa. Her passion includes mentoring next generation champions to excel at all professional and entrepreneurial levels. She’s actively coached many Africa based trailblazers in the business world through her signature master classes- the Go Mega Business and Ignite the Champion Within.

Her core mission is to transform lives and businesses so that they achieve their full potential and become a source of inspiration to many more. Each one igniting another until the world becomes a better place.

She has an audacious life goal of raising 1000 purposeful, prominent and profitable billionaire African brands in her lifetime.

- African Real Estate Personality Award 2016
- Finalist FORBES AFRICA/AABLA All African Business Leadership Award 2016
- Europe Award of Excellence, Frankfurt
- Mode Men, Woman of the year award.
- Eloy award of excellence
As featured in BusinessDay, This Day, Guardian, Genevieve, Gem Woman, Inspire Me BBC Radio, Channels TV, Arise TV, Seriously Speaking with Adesuwa and a host of other local and international platforms.

SPEAKING PLATFORMS: Udo Okonjo is a highly sought after ignited speaker who’s routinely invited to top corporates and numerous institutions to speak to leaders and emerging high potential teams. Some of the companies include Total Nigeria, IBM, Airtel, Etisalat, Access W, Lagos Business School, Health Plus, IWOW, Wimbiz Nigeria, Mentor MatcHER UK, Oxford Business School AFRICA conference, IWS: International Women Society, Wiscar etc.


  • GO MEGA LAGOS (Early Bird )
  • $750/ N 270K
  • 17th Nov 2018

When they say there's a recession, a recovery or a bubble, you'll SAY and SEE, there's always an OPPORTUNITY for the BRAVE, the BOLD, and the GO MEGA- Always!
When they say there's a slow down, reduced spending, or slow growth -you'll say and know for a fact that as long as there's spending, it's coming to my business.
You will understand that- There are always NEW PATHWAYS TO PROFITABILITY with the GO MEGA THINKING.

But it's not by affirmation. Or by declaration. Yes that is part of the equation.
But the real secret is LEARNING and APPLYING the GO MEGA principles! The Power of "Go Mega IDEAS" and "Go Mega ACTION" will change the way you do business. You'll get the mindset to Go Mega, growing in all key GO MEGA Profit Pillars, when others are despairing, downsizing, disappearing or stagnating.

When others are worried about the competition, you will be committed to creating your own economy.
When others are on the slow lane, you are on the purpose driven lane to prominence and profitability.
It's time to power up your mindset and reset the most important platform you have for going mega. Transform Your Mind. Transform Your Life and Reinvent Your Business for Growth in 2019!
Gain the Go Mega Mindset by registering for the GO MEGA BUSINESS MASTERY Series.