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"I sense 2020 will be Mega for those who design it so!"


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Are you ready to DESIGN YOUR DREAM LIFE AND LIVE BY DESIGN IN 2020? Are you ready to set and achieve Extraordinary No Nonsense Goals?

This LIFE BY DESIGN AND NO NONSENSE GOALS MASTERCLASS also features a Vision Mapping and Mindset Make Over Session.

You will be joining a group of motivated individuals working toward their personal, professional, and financial goals.This master series was created and specially designed for those who want to Think Bigger! Dream Bigger and Achieve Bigger Things in Life in 2020 and beyond.

There’s an ‘optional’ 4 weeks additional online accountability journey and one post event physical lunch meet up to help you stay committed to creating the life you want, get you to succeed on your own terms and stay in peak state ALL of 2020.

Do you want to live your life with power, with purpose and without pressure? Then join this life changing masterclass to design and change your life for the better. It’s time to become completely Unstoppable and Unshakeable! It’s time to Unleash your best life EVER!

At the end of the Life by Design Masterclass and accountability sessions, you will be equipped with the right success tools to help you :
    Live Your Best Year Ever in 2020.
  • Design a Life Success Plan.
  • Live Rich. Get a Wealth Master Plan.
  • Live Radiant. Get a Joy Master Plan.
  • Live a Rare Life. Choose Your Experiences.
  • Live By Design. On Your Own Terms.
  • Set and Achieve Your No Nonsense Goals.
  • In 2020 and beyond, my greatest desire for you is that you
  • Be More!
  • Do More!
  • Have More!

I want you to become completely Unstoppable! Unshakable and Unleash Your Best Life Ever!
***Also featuring a Vision Mapping and Mindset Make Over.


Lagos : The Finery,
10 Probyn Road
Ikoyi, Lagos




White T-shirts and Jeans/Comfortable foot Wear(preferably sneakers)

Contact Information

Oseiwe on +234(0) 809 600 0049

Be Ultra Creative in 2020... because you have the power to 'Create the Life You want!' The goal is to get you to succeed on your own terms and in peak state ALL of 2020.

Still need convincing?

This class will take you on a journey of discovery. What makes you happy? What's important? What needs to be super sized and what needs to go? What do you want more of? Who do you need in your corner? Who are you? What do you really want? How do you want to be remembered? Are you fulfilled? Is your life where and how you'd like it to be? This is a class that opens up windows into the parts of your life waiting to soar. At the end of this series, you will discover a new pathway to living with a sense of purpose, abundance and radiance. You'll leave with a life map and your uniquely designed success plan. Because of the intensity of this session, group size is limited.

  • Design Your Life with Purpose not Pressure.
  • Design Your Life with Power. Never Cower or Lower Your Experience and Expectation.
  • Design Your Life with Possibilities. Impossible is Nothing! Impossible is a Dare to Dream Bigger.
  • Launch into 2020 Strong. Stable and Savvy.

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The No Nonsense Goals & Life Make Over Series is suitable for Professionals, Executives, Start up, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives. Anyone who has Big, Bold Ideas, Projects, Goals and Vision...

I understand. I've found that most people truly can afford whatever we desperately DESIRE and PRIORITISE. Only those who truly desire and need this transformational experience and can PRIORITISE it need to make the investment. Truth is most of the content can be gleaned from my blogs and social media platforms if you really can't afford it. I'm still keen on making as much content universally available. Be sure to follow me on those platforms, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And subscribe to my success blog/newsletters. The Experience though is irreplaceable so make every effort to join other high achieving, growth seeking champions in what will be difficult to describe or replicate.

Listen my dear friend, each edition is unique. Do you want to grow beyond where you stopped the previous year? Do you stop eating food because you ate last night? Do you stop building when you haven't attained the heights you've set for yourself? Most people become familiar with the fundamentals and think they don't need them, but ultimately all most people have are results at the "dabbling level" - what I call shallow waters. If you haven't achieved ALL your life's goals, wealth, business or career goals, you shouldn't miss this. Besides have you ever heard this?- Repetition leads to Mastery! You'll definitely come closer to Life Mastery at this transformational No Nonsense Goals series.

We are glad you asked. The two are completely independent and different, solving different problems. As a business owner, investor, parent, and the numerous hats we tend to wear, most people forget that ultimately your business can't grow further than your personal vision level or life mastery. The GO MEGA Business Goals Series was created a few years after the No Nonsense Goals which focuses on your personal life goals, touching on your career, business or ministry, and your life plan and sense of purpose and fulfilment. While the one focuses on personal growth, the GO MEGA dives into your BUSINESS GROWTH and REINVENTION strategy for the year and is suitable for people who are bored, stagnant or want to dominate in their market. It's more like a mastermind. You'll be better served starting with the No Nonsense Goals Series each year. (See more details on GO MEGA Business Series here. )

Ah that 'D'... word. Hmmm! Honestly we would love to welcome as many people as possible- but for this Master Series, as you'll find with with most Udo Okonjo Master Series, we typically have very limited space and therefore not much room for discounts. Besides, one of our principles is to help people value themselves highly, and not discount their dreams. It really isn't great stewardship on our side to offer further discounts on such great value offering. In addition we share so much free content across many platforms including at other people's live events. We honestly have priced this very fairly to attract those serious about starting the year with transformational learning and personal growth and who are WILLING and ABLE to invest a token of $250/N90k for a full day's transformational live session to help you Design and Unleash Your Best Life Ever in 2020. ***Ps. If you do however have your own corporate or business group and invite Udo Okonjo to a group of over 50, we'll be happy to have a conversation with you. If you are a not for profit, we are happy to offer you our materials at a CSR adjusted pricing.

We’re glad you asked that, you can participate online and this is what you get: ONLINE ACCESS Online Access will cover: Full Post Event Video Link Access Full Participation in 30 day Private No Nonsense Goals Facebook Group with Udo Okonjo. * Weekly Live Stream and Q&A and daily No Nonsense Goals group engagement to consolidate learning, encourage accountability and ensure transformation.

Well done! So pleased that, You've taken one of the best steps you'll take in 2020. As one of my success coaches Jack Canfield notes- " Success Leaves Clues!" I personally believe that 'You can tell where someone will end up by the decisions and actions they take early on in the year.'....
Join the No Nonsense Goals Private Facebook group - Open for 30days only for those with full Live Access.
Full Access: $250 / N90K
* For Online FB Access Only: $150/N50K

Here are details to make Naira payments directly
Account name: Ignite Resources And Training Limited
Bank: Ecobank
Acct number: 1503001696
Please Add as Reference: Full Name/Phone Number + NNG2020.

If you are for any reason unable to attend, we will offer an opportunity to transfer your ticket to someone else as long as we are informed at least 48-72 hours before the event (because some items may have been personalised with your name). Please note that if We are unable to process refunds otherwise, but will happily send you all materials from the program so you can participate fully in the private online master session.

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VIP REGISTRATION Includes VIP Event pack, lunch seating with Facilitators and 1 Group Post Event Accountability Meet Up with other VIP Guests and facilitator 30 days later.


$150 / N50k


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Stay blessed and keep soaring. 2020 will be Mega! It's truly the year to Upgrade, become Unstoppable and Unleash Your Best Life Ever!

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